Our mission is courageous, caring and simple: to build a loving, just and liberated world.

What We Do

We nurture a field of relational facilitators working at the forefront of our racial, economic, climate, and land justice movements. 

By relational facilitator, we mean anyone called to develop the heartfelt and skillful capacity to strengthen the connections, culture, and collective visions for freedom within our movements for healing, justice and liberation. 

We provide training in our relational culture framework (CourageRISE), mentoring in the art of facilitation, and group and 1:1 support for facilitators’ own personal healing and integration, which is critical to maintaining the depth and sustainability of the work itself. We also offer direct consulting and services to organizations and movements working to build alternatives to the status quo. 

We also understand the core skills and capacities of relational culture—care, compassion, somatic healing, politicization, creative visioning, intuitive responsiveness and collective responsibility—to also be important life skills, and thus we welcome all folks who are committed to justice, healing, and liberation for all to explore our programming.

Our Framework

Over the last nearly 10 years, our team has developed a comprehensive framework for building compassionate, counter-oppressive, healing-centered and visionary relational cultures of practice, called CourageRISE. 

The model helps folks reclaim relationality by grounding in compassion and love (Courage), in order for all of us to RISE.

Following that grounding, we help folks learn to:

      • Reveal the causes and logic of systems of domination and oppression;
      • Invest in transformative and reparative healing, rest, and joy;
      • Sense that new ways of being are possible and also here, and
      • Embody the stance of spiritual activism and the commitments to building beloved community.

Our five-part model is designed to provide a balance of qualities deemed essential by many wisdom and justice lineages: the ability to be open and soft, yet firm and fierce when needed; to see what is with clear eyes and sense that which is unseen; and to discern when it is time to act and when it is time to be. 

Why We Focus on Relational Culture

We build relational culture because we believe the interlocking social, economic, and ecological crises of our time are relational crises that require relational solutions. 

We believe these complex crises require multi-level solutions. We support multiple theories of change by building the relational culture—grounded in our framework, CourageRISE—needed to sustain systemic and personal transformation. We aim to make the often invisible work of relational tending more visible and critical, while also providing compelling trajectories of trainings that help individuals, organizations and movements strengthen their relational capacity. 

We work at depth and take this sacred work very seriously; though not too seriously. We love to laugh. And play. And celebrate. We believe the work calls us both to face the realities of suffering and violence while also embracing the truth of beauty and possibility that abounds. 

Our Team & Lineage

Courage of Care was founded in 2016 by a family of facilitators and spiritual activists committed to dedicating their lives and work to collective liberation.  

Our work is inspired by non-dual contemplative traditions, including Tibetan Buddhism and Kashmiri Shaivism, human development and family studies, anthropology, process philosophy, evolutionary psychology, disability studies, gender and women’s studies, womanism, decolonial studies, design thinking, futures studies, science fiction, regenerative practice, community organizing, and the history of liberatory and solidarity struggles across the globe. 

What Folks Say

Our Partners and Clients