Our mission is courageous, caring and simple: to build a loving, just and liberated world.

What We Do

We believe that healing is communal and that liberation is collective.

We build compassion-based, counter-oppressive, healing-centered, transformational, and visionary practice communities — together — rather than trying to do it alone or in the silos of our individual movements and organizations. 

Our approach is compassionate and brave. Captured by the acronym CourageRISE, our model for building regenerative cultures of relational practice helps us learn how to ground in love, in order for all of us to RISE. 

Following that grounding, we help folks learn to:

      • Reveal the causes and logic of systems of and oppression
      • Invest in transformative and reparative healing
      • Sense that new ways of being are possible, and
      • Embody commitments to building beloved community.

How We Work

We support facilitators, healers, leaders, movement tenders and bridge-builders who are working to address the relational crises of our time. By nurturing our “relational tissue tenders”, we strengthen our movements for justice.

We have partnered with numerous universities, school districts, human rights organizations, trauma clinics, healthcare centers, sustainability think-tanks, spiritual organizations and political movements, and are committed to working with all communities committed to justice.

Our Team

Courage of Care was founded in 2016 by a family of facilitators and spiritual activists committed to dedicating their lives and work to collective liberation.  

Based across the United States—and with a growing network of international colleagues—our diverse team has decades of experience in organizational and systems change, educational and health equity, contemplative and somatic practice and trauma-informed care.  

What Folks Say

Our Partners and Clients