Our mission is courageous, caring and simple: to build a loving, just and liberated world.

What We Do

We believe that healing is communal and that liberation is collective.

Through hands-on workshops, online courses, and our popular summer intensive, we support and train individuals, organizations, and communities to build and nurture caring and courageous cultures of practice.

Our approach is compassionate and brave. Captured by the acronym CourageRISE, our model helps us learn how to ground in love, in order for all of us to RISE. 

Following that grounding, we help folks learn to:

      • Reveal the causes of injustice and oppression
      • Invest in reparative and restorative healing
      • Sense that new ways of being are possible, and
      • Embody transformative cultures of practice.

How We Work

Courage of Care launched in 2016 in order to provide a community and platform to help social service professionals, contemplative practitioners, human rights and climate activists, educators and parents, community leaders and social justice advocates, and all concerned citizens deepen their profound capacity for compassion and harness their creativity to transform their communities and work spaces.

In addition to workshops, webinars, retreats and our popular summer intensive, we offer tailored consultations and trainings that include:

    • An in-depth compassionate systems assessment,
    • Hands-on capacity building, and
    • A customized plan for building cultures of practice.

Who We Are

We are a family of caring, committed facilitators with years of experience in education, health care, social work, contemplative studies, community organizing and activism.

What Folks Say

"Courage of Care has provided a practice community through which I’ve been able to deepen the foundation of my work as an organizer. I’m grateful for the vulnerability, intentionality, and courage of our community. Working with Courage continues to invite me to me to the edges of my own capacity to live my values sustainably."​
Claire Whitmer
Anti-Racist Trainer and Restorative Justice Facilitator
"The advanced training programs have given me tools and the courage to step into healing trauma and confronting oppression from a stance of fierce compassion. I feel that Courage's modality is unique, and one that is beneficial to anyone interested in developing the sustainable compassion necessary to address the deep suffering of ourselves and our world.”
Dan Gilner
Environmental Activist & Contemplative Practitioner
"Without question, being a part of the Courage community has been one of the two or three most important experiences I’ve had at the intersection of the personal and professional realms. I feel a deeper sense of peace and resolve in my work as a parent, a teacher, and someone fighting injustice.”

Ward Lyles, Ph.D.
Professor of Urban Planning
University of Kansas

Our Partners and Clients