One-on-One Accompaniment Sessions

Healing and liberation work is fierce, delicate, intimate, and tender. For us, entering the path of freedom is an exciting responsibility, and one that comes with a contract or clause. That is, we work towards liberation not just for ourselves, but on behalf of all. This is the spirit with which we offer these accompaniment sessions: that we may help each other wake up more to our true nature and our gifts in service of the collective.


These sessions are also an opportunity to help us discern the patterns that block access to the loving ground of our being, and also impede our ability to steadfastly and wholeheartedly be in relationship with one another. As folks grounded in relational culture work commonly observe, (unconscious) patterns of dysfunction, trauma, and oppression often play out in the systems within which we serve until we tend to and transform them. These sessions therefore are also an opportunity to integrate our own healing as facilitators in service of more effective relational change work. 

We are available for single coaching sessions and longer term engagements. We trust what is needed will emerge during our time together. If you are new to Courage, you might consider booking an introductory session to meet and get a feel for our style and approach. If we know each other and/or have worked together before, please book a 30 or 60 minute session. (You can message us if you have a quick question about these offerings.)


Currently, both Brooke and Maha are available for accompaniment sessions. If you are unsure of which one of them to book, we suggest you make an intuitive choice. You can schedule work with both of them over time, as you like. Read more about their backgrounds and approaches below.

May our collective healing benefit not only our beloveds but all those we serve and hold space for in the name of freedom. 

Our Offerings

We offer both personal or inner support for facilitators in service of their own healing and integration as well as professional or outer support for facilitators in more skillfully weaving relational tools into their practice. Often these are related.



While our and our Succulence Program supports facilitators with their own healing, we find that we can sometimes benefit from one-on-one support to help us integrate.

We especially love helping folks connect to more sustainable sources of love and care in their lives and lineage(s), and to learn to let this relational field awaken their gifts and stabilize them in their truest nature.  This might include establishing a relational care practice or revitalizing an existing practice.

We are also keen to help people identify the many blocks and protections we have built that keep us from reliably accessing this field of care. This sometimes includes tending to the wounds of systemic oppression on our minds and bodies, and exploring differentiated healing pathways towards wholeness. 

In addition to healing-oriented support, we take joy in helping folks establish and maintain both radical vision and view in service of liberatory practice. We find these practices also support folks in (re)aligning their path and service work.


Our Relational Facilitators Program offers participants a deep dive into our framework, CourageRISE, including a compelling set of relational tools and practices that foster confidence and confidence in the work. We encourage graduates of this program to request peer support from our growing Kin community whenever needed. We also understand that sometimes folks can benefit from direct, one-on-one support, and are available for additional consultations!

Our professional coaching is also open to folks looking to build relational culture in their organizations and movements. We are happy to help you develop curricula, plan meetings or projects, and support you through relational ruptures and other challenges. We are also excited to process edges that arise in your own facilitation work. 

brooke D. Lavelle, Ph.d.

Brooke is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Courage of Care. She has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism for over 25 years, and has been teaching relational contemplative practice for nearly as long. For many years she studied, taught, and researched the diversity of compassion practices and their related frameworks of liberation. She loves (re)introducing practitioners to relational compassion and devotional practices, and is keen on helping both new folks ignite their practice and seasoned practitioners work with transforming obstacles to love on the path.

She has a background in contemplative theory and embodied cognition, and grounds her practice in the body and in context. She loves to work with individuals on shifting frameworks in order to open up possibilities for practice and new avenues for relating more authentically and lovingly.

For the last nearly ten years Brooke has directed our facilitator training programs, and thoroughly enjoys helping people discover and deepen in the vast richness and insights of the CourageRISE framework, including both pedagogy and process. She’s also very interested in helping facilitators find their seat and embody their own authentic style of relational facilitation work. (There is no singular archetype for the spiritual activist!)

Brooke has worked in spiritual communities as well as organizations and movements working for healing and liberation. She now runs a community house and urban farm in Brooklyn, NY, and is keenly interested in the micro-relational work it takes to sustain a collective. She also has a passion for supporting our relational work in everyday life, and is available for a variety of support in this realm.

Maha El-Sheikh

maha El-Sheikh

With 20 years working in the international humanitarian sector, Maha’s work currently focuses on the social injustices underlying our global crises. As a facilitator, she is inspired by 15 years living and working in Palestine and Lebanon, learning how connection to heart, beloved community, mutual aid, joy, and compassion can serve as antidotes to oppression, colonization, injustice and violence. She is eager to support those working in the aid sector to not only find sustainable ways of working in the face of ongoing violence and destruction, but also to find ways of seeking alignment—personally and professionally—with values of love and liberation.

Maha is also a deeply embodied practitioner. She is the co-founder of the first non-profit, volunteer-run yoga center in Palestine, and brings her experience in studying and teaching trauma-informed yoga, somatics, and meditation to explore the interconnection of healing, social transformation, and justice. 

Maha serves as Co-Director of Courage of Care, and has mentored numerous individuals in on their healing and facilitation journeys. Maha’s approach is warm, spacious, and devotional—as a lover of poetry, especially of mystical origins—she has a way of guiding people toward healing with gentle and direct insights.

Please note Maha’s 1:1 availability is slightly limited in fall, 2024.


We charge $125/hr or $75 for a half hour session. Several discounted sessions are available for folks facing financial hardship. Please message us to request support.

Once booked, we can accept cancellations or rescheduled appointments up to 24 hours in advance of your session. 

If you cannot make your free introductory session for any reason, please do let us know in advance.