summer intensive

July 18-23, 2021

About the Intensive

We are living in an unprecedented era. The dual pandemics of white supremacy and COVID-19 have drawn worldwide attention to the deep economic, social and environmental injustices of our time. 

While this moment requires urgent action, these times also call for deep reflection. Though we sense tremendous possibility for a more compassionate and just world in this moment, we know that we need to sustain ourselves and each other for the movement. 

At Courage we focus on building communities and cultures of compassionate, truth-telling, healing-centered, visionary and transformative practice. Rather than addressing only systems change or personal change alone, we support our communities in developing multi-level transformative approaches that integrate contemplative practice with sustainable action.

 We believe that systems of oppression live in our bodies and our cultural practices, and thus we cannot simply legislate—or meditate—our way forward. Justice is a practice. Anti-racism is a practice. Beloved Community is a practice. 

Our annual summer intensive offers participants a deep, intimate dive into our movement-based model for building cultures of practice, which we call CourageRISE. 

We hope you will join us.

Who This Training is For

This five-day intensive is designed for all who want to practice deeply and honestly in community for the purpose of collective liberation. 

No prior experience necessary. All concerned citizens are welcome!

We have found this training to be especially beneficial for those in caring and social service professions or social justice work, including teachers, social workers, therapists, doctors, lawyers, nurses, community advocates, and organizers, as well as for contemplative practitioners.

What You'll Learn

Our annual intensive is designed to help you:

    • deepen your capacity for belonging and compassion;
    • develop a stronger anti-oppressive lens;
    • learn diverse trauma-informed, restorative healing modalities;
    • reclaim your creative and visionary capacities; and
    • work for and on behalf of all.

What to Expect

We gather in community and work to build a culture of practice rooted in Courage’s movement-based method, CourageRISE. Through contemplative and somatic practice, reflection, story, movement and art, we’ll learn tools and practices to help resource us in our lives, our relationships and our work.

Participants will be assigned to homerooms with our faculty to create an increased sense of connection and intimacy. Opportunities to meet in affinity space will be woven throughout the training. Optional evening activities offer participants a chance to enjoy a virtual meal, share a movie, dance, and journey together.

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What Folks Say

The Schedule

The program begins with a two-hour opening session on Sunday, July 18th at 3pm PT / 6pm ET.

On each of the following full program days—Monday, July 19 through Thursday, July 22nd—there will be a 3 hour morning session and a 2.5 hour afternoon session. These sessions will consist of guided practice, homeroom gatherings, full group experiential sessions and affinity-based workshops. Movement and rest breaks will be woven throughout. The program will end at 10am PT / 1pm ET on Friday, July 23rd.

We will provide guidance for self-practice and reflection each morning in order to support integration in our daily lives. We will also offer *optional* evening activities for those who wish to connect and unwind.

What it Costs

We offer a sliding scale registration fee for our courses and workshops in service of economic justice.

We understand that access to resources is a result of institutionalized white supremacy, capitalism and colonization. A sliding scale fee structure allows white folks and others who have systematically benefited from these unjust and inequitable systems to practice reparations within our community by acknowledging Black, Indigenous and People of Color for their generations of stolen land and resources.

We also know that privilege is intersectional and that not all white folks have access to generational wealth or class privilege. We ask that you take your privilege and access to resources into account when determining your registration fee. 

Sponsor: $1000

We ask white folks and those with class privilege and access to financial resources to consider paying our sponsor fee. These registrations help us make our sliding scale and reduced options possible and sustainable. Thank you in advance for your generosity! (And if you have the means to support others’ tuition, please consider making a tax-deductible donation below.)


Sustainer: $800

We ask white folks and those with class privilege (eg raised in middle-upper class homes and/or making over $62,000 per year), access to financial resources and/or access to organizational professional development funds to please consider paying the full course fee. *Payment plans are available; tuition must be paid in full by July 1.

Scholarship Rate: $600

We invite those with less class privilege (eg making less than $62,000 per year and/or raised in working class homes) or with limited financial resources or recent financial hardships to consider paying our scholarship fee. This reduced rate is offset by folks paying our sponsor fee. *Payment plans are available; tuition must be paid in full by July 1.

BIPOC Rate: $400

We invite BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) folks to register at our scholarship fee. *Payment plans are available; tuition must be paid in full by July 1.

Tuition Relief Available

Should you have need more support, please do not hesitate to ask! We do believe it is important for everyone to contribute to our community, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Support Our Community

Our participants understand that building better communities takes an investment of time and money. We make our trainings as affordable as possible. We offer a sliding scale for this retreat and all other Courage trainings in service of economic and racial justice.

We have never turned anyone away for lack of funds. We offer scholarships, work exchanges and help fundraising. Yet to keep our work going, we rely on donations from our community. 

We are excited to ask you to be part of this community offering practice. We are especially committed to making healing spaces accessible to BIPOC and working class folks at little to no cost. This means we need to raise funds to support tuition and scholarships.

Please join us in practicing reparations in action!


registration opens. applications rolling


priority registration deadline


final tuition due


program launches!


The priority deadline for registration is June 15th, though the cohort may fill prior to that date. We encourage you to register early.

We are committed to ensuring that our cohort is diverse. We ask interested participants to complete a simple application form which includes requests for basic demographic data. This data will be used to help us plan affinity sessions and programming during and prior to the summer intensive.

Participants will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please allow up to two weeks for us to confirm your registration after you submit your application. 

Open House!

Curious to learn more?

Watch the recording from our May 5th Open House, with Miko Brown, Brooke Lavelle & Martin Vitorino.

Apply here!

The retreat will run from July 18-23rd.

Please be sure that you can attend the entire training before submitting an application. 

Due to the nature of the program, we are not able to process refunds. In the case of a family or personal health emergency, we are able to credit your tuition to another Courage event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend the entire training?

We are sensitive to Zoom fatigue, work obligations and other access needs. We totally get that folks may not be able to attend every session. At the same time we are strongly encouraging full participation in all live sessions listed above to help build a generative container. We also encourage participation in the guided practice sessions and evening activities, though the evening sessions are officially optional. We understand folks may need to miss a session or two. Please be in touch if you have further questions about your situation. *Please note that folks attending for CE Credits are required to attend all sessions listed, except for the evening activities. 

Will the training be recorded? Can I watch it later?

We will offer pre-recorded lectures each morning and upload our live practice sessions daily. Due to the dynamic and personal nature of the training, we will not make live session recordings available. Therefore, the only way to participate in the full summer intensive experience is to join us live! Folks who register for the training will have access to our online Teachable platform where they can access recordings, practices and other material after the course. Folks who cannot attend the training but are eager to learn more about our approach have an option to enroll in a self-study course, which includes lectures, guided practices, reflections and a downloadable workbook. Click here to learn more.

How are you working to make this training accessible?

We practice making our trainings accessible in a variety of ways. We offer a sliding scale registration fee in service of economic and racial justice. We also have a relief scholarship fund to support folks with additional financial needs.  We celebrate and welcome folks of all genders, sexual orientations, racial and ethnic groups, spiritual traditions into our community. We are also working to make our trainings more accessible to folks with various access and learning needs. We’ve designed the online training to be as flexible as we can while honoring the practice. Sessions will include a variety of practices (somatic, reflective, contemplative, art, movement, etc) to support various learning styles. Our pre-recorded lectures will include Closed Captioning and we are able to provide live CC transcription as well. Please contact us should you have additional access needs and we will do our best to accommodate you! 

I have concerns about being in mixed-race healing space. How will this work?

We know that often times in mixed group settings marginalized folks end up having to pay the price of being triggered by racialized trauma, transphobia, fat-phobia, ableism, and so on. For that reason, we still often turn to affinity work in our approach to provide some scaffolding to our healing. In our Courage trainings, we call us into practicing boundary work, compassion-based healing tools, and transformative justice frameworks so that we may realize the beloved community for and on behalf of all, without leaving any of us behind.

All white folks will be invited to a pre-session the week prior to the training so that we may do our best to prepare for co-holding and participating in a brave and generative container during the retreat. BIPOC folks will also have an opportunity to join a pre-session to connect with other community members.

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Curious if this program is a fit for you? 

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Our team is also available to answer your questions. Feel free to be in touch!