June 29-30, 2024
9th Annual Summer Intensive

At Courage we focus on building communities and cultures of compassionate, truth-telling, healing-centered, visionary and transformative practice. We believe that by building caring and courageous cultures of practice, we strengthen the relational tissue of our movements for liberation and justice. 

Our annual summer intensive offers participants an intimate, restorative dive into our movement-based model for building cultures of practice, which we call CourageRISE

We hope you will join us.

September 3, 2024
Succulence Program Launch

Succulence is a healing and integration program for relational facilitators, coaches, trainers, teachers, educators, leaders and others who work to make our organizations, communities and movements for healing, justice and liberation more resilient. The program acknowledges the toll of care-work on our relational tenders and that we, too, need spaces where we can show up fully in service of our own healing and integration. 

The name succulence aims to capture the juicy, abundant joy inherent in healing work, while recognizing the ways in which many of us have learned to survive within systems of scarcity.

white text over full picture of succulents reads: succulence: a healing an integration pgoram

September 5, 2024
Relational Facilitators Program Launch

Our Relational Facilitators Program is designed to help nurture a network of facilitators committed to strengthening the relational tissue of our intersecting movements for liberation.

We know the work of tending to the relational tissue of our movements is often invisibilized, or seen as less valuable or less urgent than front line organizing, but that it is just as critical for the sustainability of our work and our people.

Join our growing community of hundreds of movement leaders, trainers, mediators, DEI professionals, community organizers, educators, NGO leaders, coaches and healers who are building relational culture.