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Your donation will support our efforts to offer love-based healing and social justice trainings to all those who care about our world, including those on front lines of social service and activist organizations, teachers, healers, parents and community leaders. Thank you for your support!

Equity Fund

Courage is committed to making healing spaces accessible to all people, including Black and Indigenous People of Color and working class folks at little to no cost. We offer sliding-scale registrations for all of our programs in service of racial and economic justice, and have never turned anyone away for lack of funding. We rely on the generous donations of our community efforts to sustain this core value of our organization.

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We are thrilled to offer new weekly relationSHIFT sessions freely to our community. These sessions offer a chance for us to gather and strengthen relationships in these trying times. Our relationSHIFT sessions are powered by our Patreon members, which is another way you can support and sustain Courage. Learn more about our relationSHIFT sessions here.

If all the world is a commodity, how poor we grow. When all the world is a gift in motion, how wealthy we become."

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