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“We are brilliant at survival, but brutal at it. We tend to slip out of togetherness the way we slip out of the womb — bloody and messy and surprised to be alone. And clever — able to learn with our whole bodies the ways of this world.” -adrienne maree brown

Today’s converging social and ecological crises are the result of centuries of broken relationships produced by systems of oppression. The fundamental sense of separation and “othering” endemic to systems of capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy is collapsing under the weight of its dysfunction. The only way to address our ongoing crises is through restoring the sanctity of our relationships to each other and our planet.

monthly relationSHIFT sessions


Begins Thursday, January 7th, 2021

We offer a relational model for building cultures and communities of liberatory practice. The model, called CourageRISE, leverages somatic, trauma-informed, relational and restorative practices to help us reclaim our togetherness.

We welcome all of you to join us on the first Thursday of each month to explore the many rich aspects of our CourageRISE model. 

We also invite you to join some of our weekly affinity-based sessions during which we will further explore opportunities for connection and healing. 

Affinity-Based Practice Sessions

QueerTrans Folx
3rd Thursdays

White Folx
4th Thursdays

Building containers of safety, holding, and witnessing with other BIPOC folx is needed to help resource each other during these times. BIPOC folx are disproportionately affected by systems of oppression and need safe places to mourn, grieve and be witnessed as we heal from the violence of oppressive systems. We also need spaces in which we can experience and express joy together.

Creating queer and trans affinity space is vital to the health of our anti-oppression work. Systems of dominance thrive off of the erasure and alienation of queer, trans and non-binary folx, especially QTBIPOC folx. We deserve and are worthy of safe spaces that allow us to show up in our wholeness, our queerness, and our transness, and in which we can feel into the utter joy and beauty of all that is queer, trans and beyond the gender binary.

Meeting in affinity space with other white-bodied or white-passing folks helps us build kinship that is necessary for creating anti-racist cultures.  Practicing together in community can help us see the ways in which white supremacy has compromised our own humanity. As we deepen this understanding together, we can move from performative allyship to deep solidarity work.

O for God's sake
they are connected underneath
They look at each other
across the glittering sea
some keep a low profile
Some are cliffs
The bathers think
islands are separate like them”

Muriel Rukeyser

The RelationSHIFT Team

Join Martin, Miko, Kai, Brooke and a host of other Courage facilitators for our RelationSHIFT sessions!

Brooke D. Lavelle

Miko Brown

Kai Horton

Martin Vitorino

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These relationSHIFT sessions are freely offered to our community! We love you and wish to continue to find ways to be in practice with you.

We know resources are tight for many in these times and sincerely welcome you to join us as our guest without any expectation of a donation. 

If you have resources to spare and would like to make a contribution to Courage of Care to support these relationSHIFT sessions, you can become a sustaining Patreon member (for as little as $5 per month!) or make a one-time donation via paypal. Thank you in advance for your offering!