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answering the call for meaningful connection.

relationSHIFT sessions

A crisis of separation lies at the root of many of our current social and ecological challenges. The dominant culture we have inherited promotes a violent disregard for life on this planet.

We urgently need cultures of practice that help us reconnect in relational and non-instrumental and non-extractive ways. The call to reclaim—and to shift—our relationships to earth, each other and ourselves is a call to enact radical change.

We offer RelationSHIFT sessions to support this much needed relational paradigm shift. Join us!

relationSHIFT sessions


11-12pm pt / 2-3pm et / 8-9pm CET

We offer a relational model for building cultures and communities of liberatory practice. The model, called CourageRISE, leverages somatic, trauma-informed, relational and restorative practices to help us reclaim our togetherness.

We welcome all of you to join us weekly on Thursdays to explore the many rich aspects of our CourageRISE model. 

Support relationSHIFT on Mighty Networks

These relationSHIFT sessions are a labor of love.  We love our community and wish to continue to find ways to be in practice together.

Please consider supporting these sessions if you are able, either by making a one-time donation for each drop in session via paypal (suggested drop in donation is $10), or by becoming a sustaining member on Mighty Networks. For as little as $5 per month, Mighty Network members receive recordings of our relationSHIFT sessions. As part of our support circle, members also receive additional practice materials, readings and reflections, and are able to connect with our growing online community. 

Thank you in advance for your offering!

O for God's sake
they are connected underneath
They look at each other
across the glittering sea
some keep a low profile
Some are cliffs
The bathers think
islands are separate like them”

Muriel Rukeyser

Join Us

Our relationSHIFT sessions are open to the public and  include guided practices and teachings on our relational approach, CourageRISE.

Theses sessions are intended to provide our community a place to resource and learn the building blocks of our model.

Deeper multi-identity and community-building work occurs in our Radical Communion course and our Kin practice community. Consider joining one of our core courses if you are interested in diving deeper with us!