Individual Pathways

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We are committed to nurturing a network of practitioners committed to strengthening the relational tissue of their communities, organizations and movements.

We welcome educators, parents, healers, counselors, activists, care-workers and all who care about our world to join our movement to build fiercely loving, tender relational culture.

We offer open RelationSHIFT sessions that provide an introduction to our model, CourageRISE. We also offer workshops, online courses and a popular summer intensive to help folks dive deep into our work. 

Learn more below about how to sign up for a deep learning journey.


take our Radical communion course


join our kin community


enroll in courageous leaders


start a local practice hub

Radical Communion

Our core Courage course lays the foundation to prepare us to meet on common ground.

Organized in parallel race-based affinity tracks, the program takes participants through a ten-week journey of the CourageRISE model. The training helps us heal from the effects of trauma and oppression and readies us to truly encounter one another in meaningful solidarity. 

Courage Kin Membership Community

Members have access to private practice sessions, regular teachings and peer support. Members are also added to our slack channel where they can connect with other relational practitioners in service of deeper learning, collaboration and community.

Courageous Leaders

Our Courageous Leaders Program is designed for folks who are called upon to tend to the relational health of their communities and organziations. We know the work of tending to the relational tissue of our movements is often invisibilized, or seen less urgent than political wins. We are here to affirm the work of our movement healers and tenders, and provide facilitators with a robust framework and compelling relational tools that foster confidence and competence in this work.

We have partnered with numerous universities, school districts, human rights organizations, trauma clinics, healthcare centers, sustainability think-tanks, spiritual organizations and political movements, and are committed to working with all communities committed to justice.

Start a Local Practice Hub

At heart, the work of Courage centers on building cultures of practice. We support folks who have completed our Leaders program to build practice hubs in their local community or organization.