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We are committed to nurturing a network of practitioners committed to strengthening the relational tissue of their communities, organizations and movements.

We welcome educators, parents, healers, counselors, activists, care-workers and all who care about our world to join our movement to build fiercely loving, tender relational culture.

We offer seasonal public workshops that provide an introduction to our model, CourageRISE. We also offer annual symposia, online courses and a popular summer intensive to help folks dive deep into our work. 

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Courage RISE Workshops & Intensives

Our core Courage introductory workshops and our annual summer intensive offer folks a deep, experiential dive into our model for building relational culture, which we call CourageRISE. 

Check out our calendar page for current offerings!

We also offer online self-study introductory courses via our online community!

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Courage Kin Membership Community

Shifting culture requires practice—lots of it! Imagine the collective energy needed to usher in a relational paradigm and to sustain our vision for a more just and liberated world!

We strongly encourage regular practice and offer various avenues to deepen in our relational culture work. As a member, you will have access to private practice sessions, special workshops, and advanced trainings. Members also become part of our growing online community in which hey can connect with other relational practitioners in service of deeper learning, collaboration and community.

Mycelium: A Training Program for Relational Facilitators

Our Relational Facilitators Program is designed for folks who are called upon to tend to the relational health of their communities and organziations. We know the work of tending to the relational tissue of our movements is often invisibilized, or seen less urgent than political wins. We are here to affirm the work of our movement healers and tenders, and provide facilitators with a robust framework and compelling relational tools that foster confidence and competence in this work.

Succulence: A Healing and Integration Program for Relational Leaders

Our Succulence Program is designed help facilitators, coaches, leaders and all who work in service of healing, justice and liberation integrate compassionate, counter-oppressive and healing centered practices in their daily lives. By nurturing our relational facilitators, we strengthen our movements and organizations for justice and liberation. And without working to heal our own trauma and wounding, we risk burning out or perpetuating cycles of stress and dysfunction among those we serve.

Join an advanced Training for Kin

As a member and graduate of our Relational Facilitators Program, folks are eligible to register for some of our advanced trainings, including a Kin skillshare, process group, and praxis group on the art of relational facilitation.