Community Agreements

We understand "community agreements" to be ongoing practices that help us build beloved community. Ours include co-creating 1) a culture of care; 2) a counter-oppressive culture; 3) a healing-centered culture; 4) a visionary culture; and 5) a culture of solidarity. Please indicate that you are familiar with our community agreements (available on the "Our Approach" page on our website) and that you agree to practice them.

Tuition and Payment

We offer a sliding scale registration fee for our courses and workshops in service of economic justice. We understand that access to resources is a result of institutionalized white supremacy, capitalism and colonization. A sliding scale fee structure allows white folks and others who have systematically benefited from these unjust and inequitable systems to practice reparations within our community by acknowledging Black, Indigenous and People of Color for their generations of stolen land and resources. We also know that privilege is intersectional and that not all white folks have access to generational wealth or class privilege. We ask that you take your privilege and access to organizational and/or other resources into account when determining your registration fee.
***Please note that all registrations are non-refundable. In the event that you need to cancel your registration due to a a family or medical emergency, we will credit your tuition to another Courage program within one year of your registration. No refunds will be given for failure to complete the program.