Organizational Pathways

Comprehensive Approaches for Organizational Teams

Like all systems, organizations need to be nurtured. 

Too often, organizations—which are committed to caring for others and our world—struggle to maintain the same ethos internally. In a time of strained resources within capitalism it is easy for organizations to get caught in survival mode and reinforce behaviors and expectations that unintentionally contribute to employee burnout, cynicism or despair. 

We may also notice that organizations with deep commitments to justice and equity also struggle to address issues of diversity, inclusion and toxic power-imbalances within their team. Or, we may notice that in spite of an organization’s best intentions, the work is not making the impact we envisaged it would make in the world.

We are committed to helping organizations foster regenerative, healing environments that help all people realize their highest potential in service of all. 

Learn more about our Embodied Equity, Justice and Leadership Institute, or request a tailored consultation.


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Embodied Equity, Justice and Leadership Institute

This Institute is designed to give teams the tools you need to jump start or deepen truly transformative and sustainable equity and justice work within their organizations at an accessible cost. Participants will:

conduct a compassionate systems assessment of their organization and receive a summary of key areas of learning and potentials for growth;

attend a two-day intensive training and learn the core theory and practice of our CourageRISE model;

participate in a five-week capacity-building seminar and gain tools to support both personal and systems change; and

receive a private coaching session with their small team to explore next steps.

Radical Communion

Our core Courage course lays the foundation to prepare us to meet on common ground.

Organized in parallel race-based affinity tracks, the program takes participants through a ten-week journey of the CourageRISE model. The training helps us heal from the effects of trauma and oppression and readies us to truly encounter one another in meaningful solidarity. 

Courageous Leaders

Our Courageous Leaders Program is designed for folks who are called upon to tend to the relational health of their communities and organziations. We know the work of tending to the relational tissue of our movements is often invisibilized, or seen less urgent than political wins. We are here to affirm the work of our movement healers and tenders, and provide facilitators with a robust framework and compelling relational tools that foster confidence and competence in this work.

We have partnered with numerous universities, school districts, human rights organizations, trauma clinics, healthcare centers, sustainability think-tanks, spiritual organizations and political movements, and are committed to working with all communities committed to justice.

Request Tailored Consultations

We offer tailored, in-depth consultations to organizations that share our vision for a more just world and are committed to long-term change.

Please be in touch if you would like to request tailored service.