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Principles of Regenerative Culture

“Movements are born of critical connections rather than critical mass.” -Grace Lee Boggs











Building Resilient Movements

We are at a decisive moment in human history. Unbridled greed and consumption of the earth’s natural resources, fueled by conquest, capitalism and misguided conceptions of “unlimited growth” have contributed to cascading social, economic and environmental crises. Without sustainable and regenerative alternatives to the global order, we are headed for civilizational collapse. 

While the data is devastatingly grim–and the lack of collective response on a global scale is terrifying, anguishing and enraging–collapse is not inevitable. Though we have likely passed climate tipping points that will require large-scale reorganization, we may be able to buffer or avert full-scale collapse by building resilience locally, and by reorganizing our communities to sustain ourselves in dynamic equilibrium with each other and nature. This requires more than just sustaining business as usual–it involves building regenerative cultures.

Regenerative Activism: Sustaining the Pulse of Our Movements

March 28, 2021

We are a resource to the movement for collective liberation. We welcome frontline activists, organizers, community builders and concerned citizens to join us and learn tools for building regenerative alternatives to the status quo. 

Past Trainings

Regenerative Cultures

Our inaugural workshop in which we discuss the importance of regenerative cultures and offer practices for reclaiming our connection to each other.

On Consent

We live in a culture of domination. So much of this country energetically rests on patterns of taking what is not given. In order to build a culture that is rooted in freedom and a commitment to liberation, we will have to establish right relationships with each other and with land. Consent is a practice that can help us restore relationship and develop power with, rather than power over.

Staying Grounded Under Pressure

Culture lives in and is reproduced through our bodies. Systems of oppression live in and are reproduced in our bodies and cultural practices–we can simply legislate our way out of them. 

We need to embody the kind of culture we wish to live in–and that means learning to recognize the ways in which we’ve been shaped by oppression in limiting and reactive ways. Learn tools for recognizing your “stress shapes” and find more freedom to respond to others and your world.

It was and is devastatingly clear to me that until we have some sense of how to live our solutions locally, we won’t be successful at implementing a just governance system regionally, nationally, or globally….This doesn’t mean to get lost in the self, but rather to see our own lives and work and relationships as a front line, a first place we can practice justice, liberation, and alignment with each other and the planet.”

adrienne maree brown

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