Organizational Consultations

Like all systems, organizations need to be nurtured. 

Too often, organizations committed to caring for others and our world struggle to maintain the same ethos internally. In a time of strained resources it is easy for organizations to get caught in survival mode and reinforce behaviors and expectations that unintentionally contribute to employee burnout, cynicism or despair. We may also notice that organizations committed to justice and equity struggle to address issues of diversity, inclusion and toxic power-imbalances within their team. Or, we may notice that in spite of an organization’s best intentions, the work is not making the impact it wishes to see in the world.

We are committed to helping organizations foster healing environments that help all people realize their highest potential in service of all. 

How We Work

We custom design and tailor all of our work to meet the needs of communities and organizations with which we work. Although we are available for tailored workshops and talks, we most enjoy partnering with organizations for more in-depth work that focuses on 1) culture change; 2) systems change; and 3) inter- and intra-personal change work. Our partnerships generally proceed through the following stages:


request a Compassionate systems assessment


schedule a tailored training


launch a practice-based working group


conduct a follow up assessment and explore next steps

Announcing Our New Embodied Equity, Justice and Leadership Institute


In response to increasing demand for our training and consulting services, we have designed this new three-month training for organizational leaders and teams. 

This institute is designed to give you the tools you need to jump start or deepen truly transformative and sustainable equity and justice work within your organization at a more accessible cost. 

Participants will:

    • conduct a compassionate systems assessment of their organization and receive a summary of key areas of learning and potentials for growth;
    • attend a two-day intensive training and learn the core theory and practice of our CourageRISE model;
    • participate in a five-week capacity-building seminar and gain tools to support both personal and systems change; and
    • receive a private coaching session with their small team to explore next steps.

Participants will also have the opportunity to connect and network with other non-profit leaders and teams, many of whom are exploring similar challenges and developing creative solutions to building beloved community. 

Our Theory of Change

Our approach leverages somatic, trauma-informed, relational and restorative practices to help us build cultures of practice in our communities and organizations.

Captured by the acronym CourageRISE, our five-module framework begins with a contemplative-based, relational compassion module which we call Courage, based off of the Latin root of the word cor which means “heart”. We believe deepening our capacity for connection and belonging is foundational to organizational change processes.

Following this relational grounding in our first Courage module, we offer four additional modules that help participants RISE:

    • Recognize systems that cause and perpetuate injustice and oppression;
    • Initiate reparative and restorative healing processes;
    • Sense into alternative possibilities for working, living and being; and then
    • Embody Beloved Community via transformative cultures of heart-centered, trust-based and emergent practice.

This framework grounds all of our training and organizational work. 

Our Projects

We have consulted with various educational, spiritual and human rights organizations as well as sustainability think-tanks and social service programs in the United States and abroad. Here are some of our projects:

our projects

addressing burnout in social service and human rights organizations

Social service professionals and activists are exhausted. Burnout, cynicism and despair are on the rise. These burnout rates affect not only our social service providers, but also the very systems of care so many rely upon. We work with various social service and social justice organizations to address burnout, empathy fatigue and effects of secondary trauma through the lens of personal healing and systems transformation.

Building compassionate and equitable schools

We offer educators, administrators, counselors, students, and parents tools to foster cultures in which all people feel seen, welcome, and supported. We also work to help educational communities--including schools, universities and other learning communities--understand and begin to address various forms of structural inequity plaguing our education system so that we may create conditions for all to realize their fullest potential.

Social justice training for contemplative organizations

We help contemplative centers and spiritual organizations learn to recognize, assess and ultimately transform systemic forms of oppression--including racism, sexism, classism and so on--embedded within their traditions. Through creative visioning, storytelling, relationship and community building, we help them develop a sustainable set of tools and strategies to support compassion-based anti-oppression work within their communities for the benefit of all.

Connect with Us

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