Programming for our black, indigenous, and poc community members

Our Work

At Courage, we understand the importance of creating spaces of healing, joy and safety for those who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color or of the Global Majority. As part of our work to embody beloved community, our Courage BIPOC team is committed to exploring how to dismantle oppressive systems at play that keep us from true connection, care and relationship. Our intention is to support one another in healing from the disproportionate effects of marginalization and inequity that we experience while celebrating the strength, resilience, and joy that is present in our communities, as well.

Our Offerings

The Never Ending Table

New Conversations with our BIPOC Team

The Never Ending Table is a conversation series that emerged from a seedling as our BIPOC team was exploring the question, “How do we invite more folks into this space for community and conversation in the ways that are so desperately needed in our world right now?” The Never Ending Table sprouts and grows from the wish to be in deeper connection with each other and all who we have not yet met along the way. Join us at the table for these rich, potent, and expansive conversations. You are welcome here!

RISE Course

In partnership with Trauma Informed Oregon, our team developed this online course to support people of the global majority heal from the disproportionate effects of oppression and marginalization, as well as to help us honor and celebrate the richness and complexity of our being.

Our Team

The Courage of Care BIPOC Team is one that spans many spectrums of identity and experience. We are a multiracial, multigenerational, and multifaceted group who brings a rich and diverse array of backgrounds and perspectives to this work. Meet our growing team below!

Ed Porter

Kai Horton

Miko Brown

Mahtab Mahmoodzadeh

Norma Timbang

Vaishali Mamgain

“The word mycelium means ‘more than one.’ The mycelium organism is a dynamic root system of mushrooms that utilizes trust as a mechanism to build and sustain a vast, reciprocal, underground network that connects the roots of trees and plants and skillfully shares nutrients and resources to support the health of the entire ecosystem with which it moves. This mycelial network cannot exist without trust. The mycelium communication highway recognizes and believes in the collective ability to channel and receive nutrients where needed, protect against parasites and expand roots into necessary sites of growth. The network process also fosters intergenerational relationships that welcome the myriad of ancient wisdom and connections that reside in older trees to benefit younger trees. These mushrooms affirm a commitment to building relationships of trust that encourage all life to bloom.”

Adaku Utah

Support Our Equity Fund

Courage is committed to making healing spaces accessible to all people, including Black and Indigenous People of Color and working class folks at little to no cost. We offer sliding-scale registrations for all of our programs in service of racial and economic justice, and have never turned anyone away for lack of funding. We rely on the generous donations of our community efforts to sustain this core value of our organization.