November 2, 2019

Courage of Care

Boston, MA

“From the night can arrive the sweet dawn.” -Lauryn Hill

About the Workshop

Our lives are bound together. It takes extraordinary courage to stay open, connected and hopeful in dark times. War, violence, poverty, growing economic inequity, rising corporate greed, grave social injustices, and an impending massive ecological crisis threaten the well-being and survival of all. It is critical that we find ways of coming together collaboratively to  promote care, justice, equity, and flourishing.

Yet as the world burns, we are keenly aware that there is love and beauty all around. While we need more folks who can do the truth-seeing and truth-telling in our institutions and our movements, we must work to counterbalance our awareness of pain, stress and suffering in the world, with our inclination to celebrate and center life-giving qualities of joy and pleasure. This is not a call to put on rose-colored glasses, but to help us remember there is always more than suffering here.

Our work at Courage is oriented around this seeming paradox. We are committed to helping people stay in touch with the fact of suffering while also not losing sight of the truth of beauty, love and deep ‘okayness’ in this world. We see this as the core of spiritual practice.

This workshop is designed to support all who care about our world—spiritual practitioners, educators, parents, counselors, social workers, medical professionals, human rights activists, eco-justice activists, caring citizens and so on–find the strength and hope to sustain in their work in life-giving ways.

Through contemplative and somatic practice, reflection, journaling, movement and play, we will explore practices that help us learn to:     

1) LOVE in more nurturing, joyful ways;

3) SEE the profound interconnectedness of all things and develop a greater appreciation of our agency and potential to effect change; 

3) HEAL from burnout, hopelessness and despair and reconnect to fundamental sources of joy; 

4) ENVISION the beautiful world we know is possible by reclaiming our capacity for hope, imagination and creativity; and

5) ACT in responsive, life-giving ways that affirm the beauty and sacredness in and around all of us.


Brooke D. Lavelle, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder and President of the Courage of Care Coalition. Brooke has developed and led compassion- and mindfulness-based programs in various settings. She developed Courage’s anti-oppression training for white folks and is committed to creating spaces for healing, visioning, collaborative learning and collective action.

Juliana Santoyo, M.Ed., is core faculty for our Advanced Training Programs. As a public school educator, Juli designs healing-based, liberatory education approaches that center the voices of the historically marginalized. She also leads a contemplative-based peacebuilding project in Colombia, her country of birth. She is also the co-founder of the Black Lotus Collective in Boston, a space centering the healing of people of historically oppressed backgrounds.


9am-5pm each day. Vegetarian lunch and light snacks will be provided.




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