Program Design Team

Veta holds an MFA in dance and a Ph.D. in African-American studies. She began her career as a modern dance artist, and has performed, choreographed and taught dance nationally and internationally. Later, as a dance historian, she focused her research on contemporary African-American modern dance artists, particularly women choreographers. In recent
years, her research interests have expanded to include the intersection of dance and spirituality in popular culture and to explorations of spirituality and contemplative practices in education and the workplace.

Veta has taught Spelman College for almost 30 years. In addition to teaching, she leads meditation sessions for students, faculty and staff and, as co-director of the Teaching Resource and Research Center, she leads a contemplative faculty learning community. She is committed to helping others discover the ways contemplative practices can enrich their lives and facilitates retreats and workshops for personal and professional renewal at colleges, universities, K-12 schools and retreat sites throughout the country. Veta is a national Circle of Trust® facilitator, and many of the retreats and workshops she leads are based in the work of education innovator Parker J. Palmer, who has written extensively on the value of living an “undivided life,” in which one’s work is in harmony with one’s values.