We know that that supporting students' social and emotional development is foundational to learning.Yet to date, programs that foster students' and teachers' social, emotional and ethical development receive less attention and resources than other traditional academic subjects.

Our curated resources provide an overview of the science of and need for care and compassion in education and are to designed to provide educators with the knowledge to drive this work forward.  

The Science of Compassion Video Series

Learn more about the science of compassion and the state-of-the-research from leading experts in the field of social and emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness and compassion.  

This free, self-paced online course offers participants an overview of: 1) the science of care and compassion in education; 2) the latest research on social and emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness and compassion programs for teachers and students; 3) current methods for fostering the building blocks for care and compassion in schools; and 4) the impact of trauma and inequity on learning and well-being.

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Stay tuned for details!


Download this free video and powerpoint that provides an overview of the Sustainable Compassionate Schools approach to share with your colleagues, faculty and staff.