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 Schedule at a Glance

Summer 2016

Foundations for Educators

Classroom Foundations

Fall 2016

Stable Care for Educators (Level One)

Compassionate Classrooms Year-long

Winter 2017

Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two)

Classroom Intensive 

Spring 2017


The Science of Compassion

This free, self-paced course offers participants an overview of:

  • the science of care and compassion in education
  • the latest research on social and emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness and compassion programs for teachers and students
  • current methods for fostering the building blocks for care and compassion in schools
  • the impact of trauma and inequity on learning and well-being

This course is open to all.  Registration details coming soon. Stay tuned! 


Foundations for Educators

This course offers educators an introduction to: 

  • Sustainable Compassionate Schools' three modes of care -- receiving care, self care and extending care
  • the basic science of mindfulness
  • the science of empathy and compassion

This course also includes a live practice lab in which participants:

  • learn some basic mindfulness practices
  • learn to be present to and work with difficult emotions
  • learn strategies for self care and avoiding burnout
  • begin to cultivate a regular meditation practice
  • gain tools to begin building a sustainable contemplative community in their school

There are no prerequisites for this course. All are welcome. Those new to contemplative practice should begin here before enrolling in our other courses.  Those with prior experience in contemplative practice but new to the Sustainable Compassionate Schools approach may find this course helpful.

The next in-person course will run from July 11-14, 2016 at the Smith College Campus School in Northampton, MA. 

More information and registration

Sustainable Care for Educators (Level One)

This ten-week online course offers educators, school counselors, administrators and others an introduction to the basic theory and practice of Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) for educators. Participants will learn to generate a power of care for themselves and others that can become increasingly stable, inclusive and self-replenshing. The course includes live online labs that include discussion and guided practice.

There are no prerequisites for this course.  If you are new to contemplative practice, we recommend beginning with our Foundations for Educators course.

The next course begins September, 2016. 


Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two)

This ten-week online course builds upon the theory and practice of our Stable Care for Educators course.  In it, participants learn to direct the power of care into a discerning, inclusive compassion that can sustainably empower their lives and teaching and protect them from empathy fatigue and burnout. The course also includes live online labs that include discussion and guided practice.

The Stable Care for Educators (Level One) is a prerequisite for this course.  

The next course begins January, 2017. 



Classroom Foundations

In this course, participants will learn: 

  • the science of care and compassion across development
  • practices for establishing the structures and routines conducive to a supportive safe classroom environment
  • methods for integrating the three modes of care in the classroom

Our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) is the minimum prerequisite for this course. We also recommend taking our Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two) course if you wish to bring a compassionate lens to your classroom.  Level Two can be taken before, during or after you complete the Classroom Foundations course. 

The next in-person course will run from July 14-17, 2016 at the Smith College Campus School in Northampton, MA. 


Compassionate Classrooms Year-Long

In this course, participants learn to:

  • deeply apply each of the three modes of care into their classroom and curriculum
    • adapt practices for their students
    • develop a set of resources to use with students as you introduce these concepts

Participants receive monthly webinars and participate in live monthly coaching support as they begin to adapt and translate this work for their students.  Each participant is also connected with other educators at their grade level or in their speciality throughout the course of the year. 

Our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) is the only required prerequisite for this course.  We strongly recommend completing our Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two) before beginning the year-long classroom program. If you are relatively new to facilitating contemplative practice with students, consider taking our Classroom Foundations Course.

The next course begins in September, 2016.


Classroom Implementation - Intensive

This eight-week online intensive provides a basic overview of the theory and practice of sustainable compassionate classrooms.  


Interested participants must complete our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) Course to enroll.  Those with little prior experience facilitating contemplative practice with students may also wish to take our Classroom Foundations course.


Our Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) Teacher Certification Program is designed to prepare people to lead courses in their school communities. The program includes in-depth training in the theory and practice of SCT and the art of group facilitation, as well as methods for understanding and navigating systems and creating sustainable compassionate programming within diverse settings. 

Successful completion of our Stable Care and Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Levels One and Two) is required for participation. 



Can I begin with the Classroom Program?

This work is deeply personal, and it must begin with the educator in the room. Our work as educators is never done and you will continue to deepen your personal practice and learn through and with your students. We do, however, require that you complete the Stable Care for Educators course (Level 1) of the Compassionate Educator’s program before applying for the Caring Classrooms program.

What if I cannot attend the summer Foundations courses?

We understand that not everyone who is interested in this program will be able to travel to the summer Foundations workshops. An online Foundations course is available for both the Caring educators and Caring Classrooms programs.

I have trained with other mindfulness in education programs. Is Sustainable Compassionate Schools right for me?

Having a foundation in mindfulness and a regular contemplative practice is helpful, but necessary for our program. If you have such experience and a personal practice, you may want to begin with Level 1 of the Caring Educators program.

I cannot attend all of the live coaching sessions. Should I still sign up for the course?

We understand teachers’ schedules are full. We have tried to provide multiple opportunities for teachers to sign up for a coaching session. Coaching sessions are not required, however, they are highly recommended as they provide a time and space for you to ask questions, connect with other participants and receive guidance from an experienced SCS educator.