We believe successful classroom implementation depends upon an educators’ own personal grounding in the practices of care and compassion. We also know that what works for adults does not necessarily translate directly to the classroom.  Our programs are thus designed to support teachers in adapting our compassion framework in developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive ways for their students.  We offer several classroom tracks to support educators in their work.

Classroom Summer Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity for participants to apply the theory and practices learned in the Sustainable Compassion for Educators program to their students. Designed to support participants in implementing the Sustainable Compassionate Schools approach in their classrooms, this summer intensive also provides an opportunity for educators to connect with, get inspired by and learn from other teachers engaged in this work.  

In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore the three modes of care through a developmental lens, learn practices for establishing structures and routines conducive to a caring classroom environment, and workshop plans for adapting and implementing this compassionate approach into their own classroom.  

Our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) is the minimum prerequisite for this course. Those who have completed prior Call to Care workshops and trainings with our team are eligible to attend without having taken our Level One course.

The workshop will run from July 14-17, 2016 at the Smith College Campus School in Northampton, MA.

Course fee: $375


Classroom Foundations

This course is an opportunity for participants to apply the theory and practices learned in the Caring Educators program to their students. This foundational course supports participants in beginning to infuse their classroom with a sense of sustainable care, and prepares participants to introduce mindfulness practices in the classroom.

In this course, participants will learn: 1) the science of care and compassion across development; 2) practices for establishing the structures and routines conducive to a supportive safe classroom environment; and 3) an overview of the three modes of care in the classroom. We offer this course online. Our summer intensive is also a great way for educators to enter this work.

Our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) is the minimum prerequisite for this course. We also recommend taking our Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two) course if you wish to bring a compassionate lens to your classroom.  Level Two can be taken before, during or after you complete the Classroom Foundations course.

The next online course will be offered in winter 2017.

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Compassionate Classrooms Year-Long

This year long course is an opportunity for educators to apply the principles of a sustainable compassionate approach in their classrooms. During this in-depth course participants will receive monthly webinars and participate in live monthly coaching support as they begin to adapt and translate this work for their students.  Participants will be given practical tools for transforming their classrooms into sustainably compassionate communities and for empowering their students.  Each participant is also connected with other educators at their grade level or in their speciality throughout the course of the year.

Our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) is the only required prerequisite for this course.  We strongly recommend completing our Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two) before beginning the year-long classroom program. If you are relatively new to facilitating contemplative practice with students, consider taking our Classroom Foundations Course.

The next course begins in September, 2016.

Course fee: $390

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Caring Classrooms Intensive

This eight-week online intensive provides a basic overview of the theory and practice of sustainable compassionate classrooms.  Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in live discussion sessions and connect with other educators interested in building sustainable caring classrooms.

Interested participants must complete our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) Course to enroll.  Those with little prior experience facilitating contemplative practice with students may also wish to take our Classroom Foundations course.

The next course begins in January, 2017.

Course fee: $195

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I begin with the Classroom Program?

This work is deeply personal, and it must begin with the educator in the room. Our work as educators is never done and you will continue to deepen your personal practice and learn through and with your students. We do, however, require that you complete the Stable Care for Educators course (Level 1) of the Compassionate Educator’s program before applying for the Caring Classrooms program. 

I have trained with other mindfulness in education programs. Is Sustainable Compassionate Schools right for me?

Having a foundation in mindfulness and a regular contemplative practice is helpful, but not necessary for our program. If you have such experience and a personal practice, you may want to begin with Level 1 of the Caring Educators program.

I cannot attend all of the live coaching sessions. Should I still sign up for the course?

We understand teachers’ schedules are full. We have tried to provide multiple opportunities for teachers to sign up for a coaching session. Coaching sessions are not required, however, they are highly recommended as they provide a time and space for you to ask questions, connect with other participants and receive guidance from an experienced SCS educator.

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Classroom Workshop 

FALL 2016


Compassionate Classrooms Yr-Long Intensive


Classroom Foundations 


Caring Classrooms Intensive

Scholarships and Financial Assistance 

Courage of Care is committed to helping all people tap into their capacity for care and compassion. We strive to make our workshops and courses accessible to all who are interested. We will do our best to respond to need-based scholarship requests, particularly those from applicants who represent a diverse life experience (including, but not limited to class, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation) and serve underserved populations.

Please be in touch to inquire about financial assistance. Please also know that paying full price tuition if you are able allow us to offer scholarships and reduced rates to others in need.  Thank you in advance for contributing what you can to support yourself and others in this work. 

School Team Discounts

Teams of three or more are eligible to receive 20% off tuition if they register for our year-long Sustainable Compassion for Educators program (including our Foundations, Level One and Level Two Courses) and/or our year-long Compassionate Classroom Implementation program.  

Be in touch if you would like to discuss school team pricing and tailored programs.