We have a natural capacity for care and compassion that can be trained and strengthened.  

We believe in supporting teachers’ professional and personal development so that they can embody the very qualities they wish to nurture in their students. Deepening our capacities for sustainable care and compassion that is not subject to burnout or empathy fatigue can be profoundly rewarding and transformational. This type of work takes time and commitment and is not something that can be mastered or accomplished overnight. To that end, we offer a sequenced set of courses designed to nurture educators' own social, emotional and ethical development. Programs can be taken on-line at one's own pace, or in a more structured format. See our program offerings below for more information.

Summer Workshop for Educators

This workshop is an opportunity for participants to learn the basic theory and practice of our Sustainable Compassionate Schools program. The program, led by Chrissy Colon Bradt, Brooke D. Lavelle, Robbie Murphy and Pamela Seigle, is designed both for individual educators as well as school teams wishing to integrate this work into their personal and professional lives. This summer workshop also provides an opportunity for educators to connect with, get inspired by and learn from other teachers engaged in this work.   

There are no prerequisites for this course. Those new to contemplative practice as well as those with experience are welcome. The summer workshop provides a great foundation for our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) course. 

The workshop will run from July 11-14, 2016 at the Smith College Campus School in Northampton, MA.


Foundations for Educators

This course is designed to introduce educators to Sustainable Compassionate Schools’ compassion framework in a safe, experiential in-person workshop.  It offers educators an introduction to our three modes of receiving care, self care and extending care along with the basic science of mindfulness, empathy and compassion. The online version of this course also includes a live practice lab in which participants learn: 1) basic practices for cultivating attention; 2) ways of being present to difficult emotions; 3) strategies for self care and avoiding burnout; 4) how to establish a regular meditation practice; and 5) tools for building sustainable contemplative communities in their school.

There are no prerequisites for this course. All are welcome. Those new to contemplative practice should begin here before enrolling in our other courses.  Those with prior experience in contemplative practice but new to our approach may find this course helpful.

Next in-person course is scheduled for July 11-14, 2016 at the Smith College Campus School in Northampton, MA.

Course fee: $550

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Stable Care for Educators (Level One)

This ten-week online course offers educators, school counselors, administrators and others an introduction to the basic theory and practice of Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) for educators. Participants will learn to generate a power of care for themselves and others that can become increasingly stable, inclusive and self-replenshing. The course includes live online labs with discussion and guided practice.

There are no prerequisites for this course.  If you are new to contemplative practice, we recommend beginning with our Foundations for Educators course.

The next course begins September 13, 2016.

Course fee: $195

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Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two)

This ten-week online course builds upon the theory and practice of our Stable Care for Educators course.  In it, participants learn to direct the power of care into a discerning, inclusive compassion that can sustainably empower their lives and teaching and protect them from empathy fatigue and burnout. The course also includes live online labs with discussion and guided practice.

The Stable Care for Educators (Level One) is a prerequisite for this course.

The next course begins in January 24, 2017.

Course fee: $195

registration will open in the fall. please join our mailing list for updates.



If you wish to explore this approach and learn the basics of developing a personal mindfulness or compassion practice, we recommend beginning with our Fundamentals Course and then our Foundations for Educators course.


If you have prior personal experience with mindfulness or compassion practices and wish to learn more, you might consider beginning with our Stable Care for Educators (Level One) course.  


If you are looking for an intensive program to help you deepen, sustain and thoughtfully integrate the practices of care and compassion in your personal and professional life, consider taking our year-long professional development program -- which includes our Foundations, Stable Care and Sustainable Compassion for Educators courses -- followed by our Compassionate Classrooms programs.  


If you are committed to fostering a sustainable, compassionate school community, you might be interested in our Sustainable Compassion Training Teacher Certification program. We are looking for individuals committed to this work to join our growing team and to help lead the movement at large. Levels One and Two are prerequisites for our Certification Program.

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Summer Workshop for Educators

FALL 2016

Stable Care for Educators (Level One)

Foundations for Educators


Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two)

Stable Care for Educators (Level One)


Stable Care for Educators (Level One)

Sustainable Compassion for Educators (Level Two)