This course introduces participants to the basic theory and practices of the Sustainable Compassionate Education Approach. Participants will learn methods for deepening their capacity for receiving, extending and deep self care.

Course Dates

September 13th  – November 15th

Course Layout

This course is laid out in ten lessons and builds upon the theory and practice of our Foundations course and Foundations workshops.

The first lesson will be available on September 9th. Thereafter, lessons are released each Friday through November 11th.

Each lesson contains a short teaching and guided meditation, a reflection or experiential activity, suggestions for those working in a group, as well as  suggestions for home practice.  You are invited to complete each week’s lesson at a time that is convenient for you and/or your group. Most lessons take up to an hour to complete.  

Please note that course materials will only be available for a short time after the course concludes. Participants are therefore expected to complete the program within the ten weeks so that the full benefits of the program can be experienced.  (Please note that no refunds can be given.)

Live Sessions

The course instructor(s) will host a live video session via Zoom on Tuesdays at 3:30pm ET September 13th through November 15th. Additional West Coast-friendly live sessions to be announced.

All participants are invited to participate in the first live Zoom session (September 13th) and in the closing Zoom session on (November 15th).  After the initial session, participants will be divided into two cohorts that will meet on alternating weeks through November 8th.

In these sessions, the instructor(s) will lead a brief guided meditation, address main themes posted on the discussion board, and answer live questions from participants.  Each course member will need to download the free Zoom meeting client in order to join the call. Participants will be able to join via phone or computer, though we prefer participants to use video whenever possible.

Work with a Partner or in a Group

You are welcome to take the course on your own. We recommend you take the course with a small group within your educational community.  Building and strengthening community can help sustain and nurture our practice.  For those of you taking this course with a small group, we will offer suggestions on group process and practice throughout the course materials.

Course registration is on the honor system.  We do ask that each participant officially register for the course, even if you are working in pairs or in a group.

Course Fees, Registration and Scholarships

Click here to register.

The course fee is $195. We offer a reduced rate of $95 for full-time students.

Some scholarship support is available upon request. We strive to make our courses accessible to all who are interested. We will do our best to respond to need-based scholarship requests, particularly those from applicants who represent a diverse life experience (including, but not limited to class, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation) as well as those who serve underserved populations.

Please be in touch to inquire about financial assistance. Please also know that paying full price tuition if you are able allows us to offer scholarships and reduced rates to others in need.  Thank you in advance for contributing what you can to support yourself and others in this work.