A set of initiatives to support interfaith learning among spiritual communities as well as programming to support clergy and other spiritual leaders.

Our Vision

We regard interfaith learning as a crucial aspect of spiritual development in this pluralistic world, and essential to foster mutual appreciation and care among diverse faiths and traditions. In addition, to cultivate discerning and sustainable compassion requires a lot of commitment and motivation. To support such commitment, religious people may need to be informed by their own religion’s understandings of spiritual source(s) and practices of care and compassion.

To cultivate compassion in a way that is informed by diverse religious participation, it is a great support to have a shared practice that respects religious boundaries while helping each participant settle more deeply into the spiritual resources of their own faith as a basis to listen more deeply to religious others. The three-mode pattern of SCT practice—receiving care (being seen), extending care (seeing), and deepening—is a pattern common to many spiritual traditions, though understood differently within those diverse traditions. SCT’s three modes illumine each participant’s experience of analogous modes in their own tradition, formation and practice. SCT thereby creates a context for deep learning across religious boundaries, by pointing participants back into aspects of their own faiths with new eyes — lighting up elements of their spiritual lives in surprising new ways around themes of loving care, compassion and wisdom. When participants speak from such a place of fresh insight, others’ spiritual understanding and practice of compassion is enriched, fostering a deepening, experiential appreciation of the wisdom of religious others.