Compassion-focused programming for nurses, physicians and other medical professionals.

Our Vision

We affirm that the power of care and the practice of compassion are core values across the spectrum of the healthcare professions. Our aim is to empower healthcare providers to deliver the best that their training has to offer with a deep commitment to compassion for themselves and those they serve.

Healthcare delivery is equally an art and a science. Both of these aspects are inspired by a power of care that seeks to support the optimal physical and mental well being of others. A compassionate healthcare professional aims to engage others with care and compassion, creating a relational bond that communicates safety, trust and connection.

A prevalent attitude in healthcare institutions today is that if the best science and technology is available and the proper structures are in place, “care” will take care of itself. We believe that the human capacity for care and compassion is innate and inexhaustible. However, this potential must be awakened, nurtured and deepened in order to become reliable and sustainable. Just as health care providers are trained in science, technology and best practice, there are effective methods for training in compassion.

Sustainable Compassion Training’s Three Modes of Care paradigm provides both a framework and a set of practices for accessing and strengthening the power of care that is naturally present. In the Receiving Care mode, we re-experience moments of care and connection that allow us to feel seen in our own deep worth and potential. Thus we are better able to see others in the same way, even those whom we may find difficult. In the Deepening mode, we learn to hold our own thoughts and feelings in kindness and compassion, empowering a capacity for empathetic connection to others who experience similar feelings. In the Extending Care mode, we learn to recognize others as deeply worthy of care, empowering empathetic concern and skillful action on their behalf.

Currently, there are significant challenges for healthcare professionals worldwide. We aim to deepen our commitment to manifesting a power of care that drives all of our healthcare efforts, to inspire application of our creativity to the best and broadest solutions for the benefit of all in need and to support the confrontation of injustices in the healthcare delivery system with deep care for all involved.