Program Design Team

Kelly studied to be both a teacher and social worker  because she could never decide what she liked more. After working in many settings, including schools, psychiatric hospitals and private practice, she settled on doing both, which she currently does at a middle and high school in the Seattle area.  Kelly received her BA from Occidental College, her MSW from USC and her PhD from University of Texas.

Kelly first learned to meditate when she was nine when father introduced her to a meditation teacher in Boulder, CO. While that specific style of meditation never took, a love of the contemplative life did. She attended her first retreat in 2000 and has an active practice ever since. Kelly has begun to integrate her contemplative practice into her work in schools. She completed a year long training in Mindful Schools, participated in the Call to Care program at Mind and Life and has been teaching mindfulness and compassion to students, teachers and parents in her current school community.  Additionally, she has recently begun co-leading an equity, inclusion and compassionate leadership study group where she hopes to continue to integrate the power of compassion with social action.  Kelly lives in Seattle, WA with her husband Gary and her two amazing teachers/children, Elizabeth and Conor.