We are being called to care with increasing resolve and commitment to realize a more just, compassionate world.

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Though we live in trying times, we at Courage of Care firmly believe that we have the capacity to wisely, fiercely and creatively respond to the enormous social, economic and environmental challenges before us from a radical stance of love and compassion that helps us work for and on behalf of all.

Many of us are already hard at work on this path.

Some of us support our caring and social service professionals, activists, community leaders, parents and others sustain and flourish in the work by helping them deepen their capacity for love and compassion. Others of us support individuals, institutions and organizations to develop their transformative capacity by helping them develop a critical social analysis and tools for transform complex systems.

We see tremendous power and potential in integrating compassion-based and anti-oppressive approaches.

Our collective liberation is contingent upon our ability to recognize and transform to the inequitable, unjust and oppressive systems in which we are embedded. Our freedom is also contingent upon our ability to develop our personal capacity for love, care and compassion. If we do not work to uproot or transform our own internal processes of othering and oppression, we may end up inadvertently recreating the very structures of violence and domination we wish to dismantle.  

Thus we believe that this work requires an integrated strategy--grounded in love and compassion--that integrates tools for both personal and social transformation. Our programs at Courage of Care are designed to support and empower us all to co-imagine and co-create more just, compassionate communities by helping us learn to:

1) LOVE in more sustainable and compassionate ways;

2) SEE the systems and structures that inhibit our capacity to connect in just, equitable ways;

3) HEAL from collective forms of trauma and oppression and the loss of community;

4) ENVISION more caring and meaningful communities and systems; and

5) ACT to realize and sustain our shared visions.

These five stages serve as “blueprint” for Courage of Care’s work. Our diverse team of leaders--with years of experience in education, health care, social work, trauma-informed care, contemplative studies, and social activism--works to help individuals, communities and organizations realize their courageous, caring potential by offering training, consulting and advocacy services. We hope you will join the movement.

What We Do

Education & Training

We are committed to making compassion-based contemplative practices, anti-oppressive pedagogies and systems tools easily accessible and affordable to those in social service and all who are about our world. We provide online courses, free online community practice groups, in-person workshops and retreats and advanced trainings.


We are committed to helping other organizations realize their visions in sustainable, life-giving ways that nourish and inspire their community. We provide tailored compassionate system assessments, coaching, program and curriculum consultation as well as staff wellness support to various universities, social service and human rights organizations and other community centers.

Community Building

We are in this for the “we”. We are committed to supporting an ecosystem of caring and civically-minded people and organizations to work together in ways that best serve all of us. To that end, we work to connect people and teams across a range of disciplines, specialities, approaches and core issues to build a more just, compassionate society and world.

Our Partners and Clients