Courageous Healers for Personal Transformation

Our Level One compassion meditation-based facilitator training for all those interested in bringing more engaged compassion to our world.

Our Courageous Healers program is designed for all those interested in deepening their practice of Courage's relational and sustainable compassion training and learning how best to integrate their contemplative teaching with inclusive, anti-oppressive pedagogy and practice.

We are being called upon to help nourish, support and sustain those on the front lines of social service and caring professions, while upholding the values of love, justice, live-giving joy and inclusivity in the face of threat, oppression, violence and apathy.

We believe that many spiritual, contemplative and religious traditions offer methods that help us awaken, sustain and deepen our natural capacities for love, care and compassion for ourselves, others and our environment. Great teachers and contemplatives from many traditions have modeled for us ways not only of embodying fierce and loving care and compassion, but also ways of challenging inequitable and oppressive structures while also staying in touch with the humanity of all. These traditions and teachers serve as inspiration for all of us at Courage and for the spirit of this program.

If you are committed to supporting people in developing their capacity for love and compassion as a tool for social justice, this program is for you.


Courageous Leaders for Collective Liberation

Our Level Two program for social service professionals, community organizers, spiritual activists, and all who care about our world

Our Courageous Leaders for Collective Liberation Program is designed to support those with an existing contemplative or spiritual practice to develop or deepen their capacity to teach social justice-informed, anti-oppressive programs and practices within their communities or organizations.

In these trying times, we are being called to lead together–ever more urgently–with courage and compassion.

We believe that courageous, compassionate leadership embodies many forms, and that it is most effective when grounded in deep, loving contemplative practice and an unwavering commitment to liberation for all.  We teach who we are, and if we are not doing our own personal work, that will reflect in our service efforts. And if we are doing deep spiritual or contemplative work, but aren’t aware of the ways in which our capacity for care is limited by social and cultural conditioning, we may not realize our full potential. We also may end up perpetuating the very systems of oppression from which we aim to free ourselves and others.

If you work have an established contemplative practice, have completed our Courageous Healers Advanced Training (or its equivalent*), and are committed to fostering social and systemic transformation, this program is for you.