closes december 8, 2021

Thank you for your interest in our 2022 Embodied Equity, Justice and Leadership Institute! Please use the form below to register your team for our training.

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We offer a sliding scale registration fee for our courses and workshops in service of economic and racial justice. A sliding scale fee structure supports a more equitable distributions of resources between organizations we work with. Organizations that are able to pay the full price at the higher end of the sliding scale enable us to work with organizations with fewer resources. Pay it Forward Tuition is $9,950. We ask that organizations with annual operating budgets over $1m support our redistribution fund by registering at this rate. Paying this fee enables us to offer sliding scale tuition to other members of our community in ways that sustain our team and our work. Full tuition is $7,950. We ask organizations with budgets between $300k and $1m to register at this rate. Paying the full tuition fee helps us cover costs and make the program accessible to others with less financial resources. Solidarity tuition is $5,950. We invite organizations with annual budgets under $300k as well as organizations led and staffed primarily by BIPoC folks, working class-poor folks and people with disabilities to register at our solidarity rate.

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