January 28, 2018

Montlake Community Center

Seattle, WA

About the Workshop

“What you build is infinitely more important than what you tear down.”
– Brittney Cooper

We live in trying times, yet we at Courage of Care firmly believe that we have the capacity to wisely, fiercely and creatively respond to the challenges before us from a radical stance of love and compassion that helps us work for and on behalf of all.

Many of find ourselves these days called to alleviate pain, suffering and injustice. Some of us are already doing this work through teaching, parenting, social service work, social activism or other myriad ways of helping in the world. Yet many of us find ourselves burning out, partly because we are overworked and under-supported, but also because of a deep sense of isolation and a hopeless feeling that there is little we can ultimately do to transform the systems in which we live and work.

Our work at Courage aims to address these sources of burnout by helping us learn practices for being at home with ourselves in more caring and sustaining ways; by helping us sense we are not alone in this work; and by inspiring us to consider ways of building more courageous, compassionate communities of care.

 In this day-long workshop, we will:
  • review the basic science of compassion, empathy and burnout
  • learn sustainable compassionate practices for receiving care, deep self care and extending care
  • explore obstacles to compassion and methods for overcoming those obstacles
  • envision more caring, sustainable systems and learn basic tools for creating more compassionate, just communities.

This retreat is ideal and appropriate for all. No prior experience necessary. Please join us!


Kelly Conroy Moore, Ph.D., directs Courage of Care’s Parents and Teachers program.  Prior to joining Courage, Kelly served as a school counselor, psychotherapist and educator for years in the Seattle area.



BDLBrooke D. Lavelle, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder and President of the Courage of Care Coalition. Brooke has developed and led compassion- and mindfulness-based programs in various education and health care settings.


The program fee is $125. Paying full price covers the cost of our program and enables us to offer support to others.

We offer reduced scholarship fees of $95/$65 for those in need of additional support.

Please be in touch to request further support as needed!