Program Design Team

Rachel is currently pursuing her PsyD in clinical psychology, while expanding her mediation practice and discovering the workings of her internal world. She feels passionate about exploring the possibility that mindfulness-based interventions may cultivate shame-resilience, whether in the context of eating disorders, substance use disorders, or the more general human experience. In her clinical work, she strives to integrate facets of motivational interviewing, behaviorist principles, and mindfulness techniques when working with clients. In particular, she strives to share her time with “misunderstood” populations (e.g. people who have been abusive). Her practicum work thus far includes working with individual clients on various mental health concerns, while also co-facilitating Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention groups within a women’s residential center treating substance use disorders. In addition, she now works in a community mental health center where she provides therapy for individuals and groups who are victims or offenders of domestic violence. She is currently consulting with Courage of Care to create courses that address the unique and complex experience of those who identify as people of color. All in all, Rachel hopes to offer individuals an opportunity to cultivate self-compassion and self-awareness, leading to a softer present moment where individuals are empowered to make conscious choices.