Developing Creative, Compassionate Communities

Welcome to our online course offerings! 

These courses are designed for and open to anyone interested learning how to develop and bring forth more sustainable care in our organizations, schools, communities and our world!

We believe in empowering those we serve to co-imagine and co-create more sustainable, caring and just communities by offering compassion-based tools for both personal and social transformation.

To that end, we have created five training modules or clusters to help individuals and groups:

1) ENVISION more caring communities;

2) LOVE in more sustainable and compassionate ways; 

3) SEE the systems and structures that inhibit our capacity to connect in just, equitable ways;

4) HEAL from collective forms of trauma and oppression and the loss of community; and

5) TRANSFORM systems and strategize capacity building necessary to realize and sustain our shared visions.

Learn more about each of these modules and their related courses by clicking on the portals below.

Curious about where you should start? If you are new to Courage, consider starting at "Envision." Have a personal practice, or looking to start one? Consider starting with "Love." Already familiar with our compassion training? Consider starting with "See."

Still have questions? Contact us!

We also offer a number of these workshops as public retreats and can develop tailored programs for groups and organizations. Learn more about our consulting programs.



We need to move from reactive stances to transformative stances. This requires we have the time and space to envision the kind of world we want to live in. 




Love is key to our movements. Join us in learning ways of developing nourishing and sustainable sources of care and compassion that support us in our work.





Cornel West said, "Love is what justice looks like in public." It is time for us to take a close look at the world we live in and to understand the systems and structures that inhibit our capacity for care and compassion. Developing this common analysis--within an ethic of love and care--is critical to our collective work.




We are all affected by systems of oppression--racism, sexism, XXX. Need ways of healing, coming together, building a radically inclusive movement. Also need space to heal -- so quick to jump to doing. honor the process of transformation.




need skills to understand systems and organizations--tools to build movements, to make change last...