We are committed to supporting teachers, activists, health professionals, social workers, clergy, community leaders and institutional change-makers in deepening their capacity for personal and social transformation.

To that end, we designed four online courses to help individuals, organizations and communities learn tools to strengthen and sustain compassionate, equitable systems. Several courses offer optional special-interest and affinity-group online sessions to build community, foster dialogue, and deepen learning. We also currently offer special programs for educators, spiritual leaders, policy makers and teens.

Course Offerings

3QT2D3X9LOCourse One: Foundations of Compassionate Systems

Provides an entry-level overview to the science of compassion, systems thinking, and personal tools for transformation. The course is appropriate for beginners as well as participants with contemplative practice experience.

handsCourse Two: Tools for Personal Transformation 

Provides an introduction to Sustainable Compassion Training’s (SCT’s) three modes of care and compassion. This course is designed to help participants strengthen their personal practice, and to learn strategies for avoiding empathy fatigue and burnout.

iStock_000058110956_MediumCourse Three: Tools for Personal and Social Transformation

Builds directly upon the theory and practice of our Care course and provides further training to help participants deepen their compassion practice. This course further offers insight into personal, institutional and systemic biases and structures that inhibit our capacity to enact compassionate systems.

systemsCourse Four: Tools for Sustaining Compassionate Organizations, Institutions and Systems

Provides an introduction to basic tools from systems thinking, organizational psychology and community organizing to help participants begin to assess, strengthen and enact compassionate systems. *This course will be available in 2017. 

Course Format

Each course is eight to ten weeks in length and includes pre-recorded video teachings, guided meditation practices, suggestions for group and individual reflection and discussion and tips for building and sustaining a regular contemplative practice.

Participants can take the course on their own or partner up with a friend or colleague to support the practice and reflection process.  Live, faculty-led video sessions are offered every other week to help nurture community and support participants’ personal practice. Affinity and special-interest groups meet at special times. Please contact us for more information.

Course Faculty

JohnMakransky_headshotJohn Makransky, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Buddhism and Comparative Theology at Boston College, co-founder of the Foundation for Active Compassion and of the Courage of Care Coalition, and author of the popular meditation manual Awakening through Love. For the past fifteen years, he has taught ways to cultivate sustainable care and compassion, adapted from Buddhism in newly accessible ways, to teachers, healthcare givers, social workers, psychotherapists, and those who work with prisoners, the hungry, and the dying.

BDLBrooke D. Lavelle, Ph.D. is the Co-Founder and President of the Courage of Care Coalition. She is also Senior Education Consultant to Mind & Life’s Ethics, Education, and Human Development Initiative and a co-developer of the Call to Care program for teachers and students. Brooke has developed and led compassion- and mindfulness-based programs in various education and health care settings.

IMG_1557Chrissy Colon Bradt, MS.Ed. is the Education Director at Courage of Care and a lead contributor to Mind and Life’s Call to Care program for teachers and students. Chrissy has over 10 years of experience teaching humanities at the middle school level in New York City, Miami and Massachusetts. She also has served as an education consultant designing interdisciplinary, humanities middle school curricula for several charter schools in the northeast.