We are committed to supporting teachers, activists, health professionals, social workers, clergy, community leaders and institutional change-makers in deepening their capacity for personal and social transformation.

To that end, we have designed several online courses to help individuals, organizations and communities learn tools to strengthen and sustain compassionate, equitable systems. Several courses offer optional special-interest and affinity-group online sessions to build community, foster dialogue, and deepen learning. We also currently offer special programs for educators, spiritual leaders, policy makers and teens.

Core Course Offerings

3QT2D3X9LOCourse One: Foundations of Compassionate Systems 


This course provides a blueprint for creating compassionate communities. In it, you will be introduced to the science of compassion as well as basic tools for systems thinking and community building. You will also learn basic meditation practices and have a chance to explore other experiential exercises to help you integrate this material into your life and work. (This is a great place to start if you are interested in learning more about theory and also if you are a bit newer to contemplative practice.)  Next course begins September, 2017. Join our mailing list for registration announcements.

handsCourse Two: Tools for Personal Transformation | Cultivating Care 


This course offers an introduction to Sustainable Compassion Training's (SCT's) three modes of care and compassion. It is designed to help you strengthen your personal practice of mindfulness and compassion, and to learn strategies for avoiding empathy fatigue and burnout. (This is a great place to start if you want to dive in to a deeper contemplative practice course!)Next course begins September, 2017. Join our mailing list for registration announcements.

iStock_000058110956_MediumCourse Three: Tools for Personal and Social Transformation | Strengthening Compassion


This course builds directly upon the theory and practice of course two and provides further training to help you deepen your practice of compassion. This course also offers further insight into personal, institutional and systemic biases and structures that inhibit our capacity to enact compassionate systems, and provides tools to begin to help us recognize, heal and transform privilege and oppression.Next course begins September, 2017. Join our mailing list for registration announcements.

systemsCourse Four: Tools for Sustaining Compassionate Organizations, Institutions and Systems


This course provides an introduction to basic tools from systems thinking, organizational psychology and community organizing to help participants begin to strengthen and enact more compassionate communities, organizations and institutions. This course will launch in September, 2017. Join our mailing list to receive registration updates.

Special Courses

Lovin' Yourself: Cultivating Self Love for People of Color


Feeling overwhelmed, angry or exhausted by the current political and social discourse? Disillusioned and weary from the struggle? In this course, we will find energy, strength and resilience as we work to cultivate our 'ethic of love' (bell hooks). Through practice, poetry, song, movement and conversation we will explore the ways our social identities have shaped our relationship to care and compassion. We'll explore practices, share experiences and grow a community of reflective, strong, people of color who are energized, committed and ready to unleash their inner power. Next course begins September, 2017. Join our mailing list for registration announcements.

Foundations of Compassionate Systems: A Special Course for Kansas University


This course is offered through an exciting partnership with faculty of the Department of Urban Planning at Kansas University is open only to registered KU students. The course provides a blueprint for creating compassionate communities through an introduction to the science of compassion as well as basic tools for systems thinking and community building. This course began on February 13, 2017. 

Sustainable Compassion Practice Group

Offered Spring 2017

This eight-week practice group is designed for those who have completed at least our Tools for Personal Transformation (Course Two). In it, participants will be guided through the core sustainable compassion practices and invited to explore them in new depths with an experienced SCT facilitator. This course began on March 1, 2017Join our mailing list to be notified of future practice groups!

Interfaith Perspectives on Engaged Compassion

Offered Spring 2017

This course offers participants an opportunity to explore diverse religious and spiritual practices for cultivating care and compassion and to reflect on the relationship between contemplation and action. Guest presenters from the world's major religious traditions will join us to share contemplations, reflections and to help facilitate interfaith learning and dialogue. Next course begins September, 2017. Join our mailing list for registration announcements.

Compassionate Classrooms

Offered Fall 2017

This course supports educators in introducing the theory and practices learned in our Sustainable Compassion Training course (Course Two) to their students. This foundational course supports participants in beginning to infuse their classroom with a sense of sustainable care, and prepares participants to introduce mindfulness and compassion practices in the classroom. Join our mailing list for registration announcements. And stay tuned for more information on a new course for parents and teachers coming in the fall of 2017!

Course Format

Each course is six to ten weeks in length and includes pre-recorded video teachings, guided meditation practices, suggestions for group and individual reflection and discussion and tips for building and sustaining a regular contemplative practice.

Participants can take the course on their own or partner up with a friend or colleague to support the practice and reflection process.  Live, faculty-led video sessions are offered every other week to help nurture community and support participants' personal practice.

Affinity groups for people of color and LGBTQ persons as well as special-interest groups for educators and other professionals meet at special times as designated on course registration pages. Please contact us for more information or to request a special interest group or a private cohort session for your team.