courageous healers

“A dandelion is a community of healers waiting to spread.”

-adrienne maree brown

A program for all committed to personal and collective healing

Our Approach

Healing happens in community. Our year-long advanced training provides a deeply collaborative incubator for transformation that harnesses the tools of relational compassion practice, embodied wisdom, critical analysis, trauma-informed healing tools and restorative practice. 

program structure & dates

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

audre lorde

We are being called to wake up and to uphold the values of love, justice, equity and joy in the face of threat, oppression, violence and apathy.

We believe our awakening is inextricably tied to others. In order to be of service to the project of collective liberation, we often need to commit to radical self-healing. We may also need to tend to our own traumas, wounds and internalized forms of oppression in order to be present to and of greater service to others and our world. 

This program is therefore designed for all who wish to:

      • strengthen their relational compassion practice in ways that are sustaining and protective against burnout;
      • identify habits, patterns, and structures that inhibit care and connection;
      • integrate tools for self-healing and transforming trauma and oppression; and
      • clarify and align their personal and professional work with their highest aspirations.

The program is open to all who have completed or will complete our annual Summer Intensive or its equivalent (see below for more details on program pre-requisites).

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program dates

The program meets online on Tuesdays from 3-4:45pm PST/6-7:45pm EST on Tuesdays from mid-September through May. It concludes with an in-person closing retreat in July, 2021. 

Online seminars:

*LOVE Seminar: September 28-October 27
*SEE Seminar: November 10-December 15
*HEAL Seminar: January 19-February 16
*DREAM Seminar: March 2-March 30
*ACT Seminar: April 20-May 18

In-person closing retreat: 

Exact location TBA: July 9-11, 2021

Program Tuition

Full tuition is $3600. Paying the full fee helps us cover costs and make the program accessible to others with less financial resources.

Work exchange tuition is $2700. We offer several reduced fee tuitions annually based on financial need and skills offered.

Scholarship tuition is $1800. We offer scholarships to folks representing marginalized identities and those with significant financial challenges.

Application Dates

The priority deadline for scholarship applications is March 31st, 2020. Early-bird registration closes on April 30th, 2020. Accepted applicants who complete their registration and full course payment by the early bird deadline are eligible to receive $180 off of their tuition. 

Our Team

We love this work! Meet our team of caring facilitators committed to both your personal healing journey and to building a community of courageous, compassionate and justice-oriented practice.

Brooke Lavelle

Juliana Santoyo

Ana Hristić

Abra Vigna

Ed Porter

Kelly Conroy Moore

Gail Philips

Cara Snajczuck

Martin Vitorino

Community is a place where the connections felt in our hearts make themselves known in the bonds between people, and where the tuggings and pullings of those bonds keep opening our hearts."

parker palmer

caitlin Burbidge

"Courage is fantastic! The group leaders thoughtfully move between holding space for personal, interpersonal and societal pain while encouraging us to understand and work alongside that pain towards something greater. The team is present and accessible and funny. The curriculum is current and poignant and stirring. I am at once terrified and galvanized by the capacity of my own heart: Courage is there to hear all of it!"​

blake Colaianne

"Our world feels more disconnected than ever before, and I’ve hit a point in my career where I need to do something about it. I need to be part of a force for good. Through Courage of Care, I’ve learned the science of compassion, the art of caring, and the power of community. I feel like I’m part of a team of change-makers who want to grow personally and grow together. I feel like I’m part of a force for good. My goal is to transform Education in a way that schools become communities of care and connection. I want to help educators and students see our shared humanity and develop the qualities of compassion. I really believe that Courage of Care has given me both the tools and the energy to do this work."

Jason San

"I joined Courage because I was drawn to the community and chance to explore a better, more compassionate sense of self. Courage strengthened my tools of self-reflection and anti-oppressive practice while also providing me an opportunity to collaborate with professionals and community leaders to better understand what compassion and justice would like like in our organizations and institutions. The wonderful people over at Courage coupled with the material we studied also helped me uncover and overcome some deep rooted personal trauma. This program has been deeply transformative and I highly recommend it to anyone who is dedicated to altruism or the service to others."

who takes this training

Concerned Citizens
Diversity and Inclusion Directors Trainers
Clinicians, Coaches and Counselors
Social Workers
Community Activists and Organizers
Restorative Justice Practitioners
Anti-Oppression Trainers
Environmental Activists
Contemplative Teachers and Practitioners
Graduate Students
Artists & Creatives


Is this a certification program?

No. We are happy to offer you a certificate of completion for the training upon request, but this training does not “certify” you to teach Courage’s model. On our view, it takes years to develop the capacity to teach this work, and that level of training cannot be completed in one year. We do believe this training will help you in your life and work and that you will be able to weave the learnings from this program into your personal and professional life.  We are also interested in moving away from the highly transactional certificate world, and instead are interested in building a community of practice. 

what are the pre-requisites?

Attendance at our summer intensive is strongly preferred, but not required. At minimum, however, interested participants must either: a) attend at least one two-day or weekend in-person training with us; or b) attend a day long in-person training and complete at least one additional online core course. Folks who cannot attend an in-person training should take at least our first three core online courses (Love, See and Heal) prior to the start of the program. We strongly encourage you to take an in-person or online training or webinar with us before applying to the program. If accepted, participants will need to complete pre-requisites before the training begins. 

why different registration fees? And can i get financial support?

Yes! We practice an economic justice model with our sliding scale tuition. We ask folks with class privilege (eg raised in middle-upper class homes and/or making over $62,000 per year), access to financial resources and/or access to organizational professional development funds to please pay the full course fee. This practice of “solidarity giving” enables us to continue to run these trainings and to provide scholarship support to others with less financial resources, thereby building and strengthening our community.

What will i learn to do? What do you teach?

Our work draws on various methodologies, pedagogies and practices. We incorporate relational compassion practice, trauma-informed healing work, anti-oppressive pedagogy, systems thinking, creative practices and movement work. We will help you integrate these practices into your life and work as part of your own healing process. 

Why the focus on love and compassion?

To be clear, we don’t think love alone will save the world. We need clear seeing, healing, and action. But if we are not careful, and if our work and practices are not grouned in love, we risk replicating the harmful oppressive structures we aim to transform in the name of justice. This is why we see love and compassion and care as foundational to the work. 

What do you mean by contemplative practice?

Contemplation means to become familiar with. Any practice that helps us become more familiar with our minds, our bodies, our feelings and our relationships might fall under what we call “contemplative”. Contemplative practices are one component of our healing toolbox.

Talk with Us

Want to talk with someone from our team about the program to see if it’s the right fit for you? Check out our Facebook events for news on upcoming online info sessions. Feel free to also reach out for a one-on-one info session. 

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