We tailor our programs to meet the diverse needs of various communities and organizations.

Like all systems, organizations need to be nurtured. Too often, organizations committed to caring for others and our world struggle to maintain the same ethos internally. In a time of strained resources it is easy for organizations to get caught in survival mode and reinforce behaviors and expectations that unintentionally contribute to employee burnout, cynicism or despair. We may also notice that organizations committed to justice and equity struggle to address issues of diversity, inclusion and toxic power-imbalances within their team. Or, we may notice that in spite of an organization’s best intentions, the work is not making the impact it wishes to see in the world.

We are committed to helping organizations foster healing environments that help all people realize their highest potential in service of all. We do this by supporting 1) culture change; 2) systems or structural change; and 3) inter- and intra-personal change work. This multi-level approach combines compassionate system assessments, strategic planning, internal capacity building and strategies to support and sustain connection and commitment. Learn more about some of our current projects below.

Current Consulting Projects


Social service professionals and activists are exhausted. Burnout, cynicism and despair are on the rise. These burnout rates affect not only our social service providers, but also the very systems of care so many rely upon. We work with various social service and social justice organizations to address burnout, empathy fatigue and effects of secondary trauma through the lens of personal healing and systems transformation.


There is a growing and necessary call to address injustice and inequity within our educational communities. We offer educators, administrators, counselors, students, and parents tools for strengthening their capacity for care and connection to foster cultures in which all people feel seen, welcome, and supported. We also work to help educational communities–including schools, universities and other learning communities–understand and begin to address various forms of structural inequity plaguing our education system so that we may create conditions for all to realize their fullest potential.


We help contemplative centers and spiritual organizations learn to recognize, assess and ultimately transform systemic forms of oppression–including racism, sexism, classism and so on–embedded within their traditions. Through creative visioning, storytelling, relationship and community building, we help them develop a sustainable set of tools and strategies to support compassion-based anti-oppression work within their communities for the benefit of all.

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