Advanced Trainings

We are being called to wake up and uphold the values of love, justice and joy in the face of oppression, violence and apathy. To lead with love requires that we be love. Our advanced trainings are desinged to facilitate our self-healing and strengthen our capacity for compassionate, relational leadership in service of a more caring, just world. 

Courageous Healers

A program for all committed to a path of radical personal and collective healing. Participants learn to strengthen their relational compassion practice; heal from systemic forms of oppression and trauma; and clarify and align their personal and professional work with their highest aspirations and intentions.

Courageous Leaders

A program for social service professionals, organizers, spiritual activists and all who care about our world. Participants learn to expand their vision for a more compassionate, just society; develop systemic and structural competency in anti-oppressive pedagogies; apply tools for healing trauma and oppression; and integrate their personal healing with their leadership philosophy and practice in service of a more beautiful world.

Healing happens in community. Join our growing group of caring and courageous healers and leaders and be part of the movement to restore compassion and justice to our world. Learn more about our Courageous Healers and Courageous Leaders programs through the links above. And send us a note if you have questions! 

“Embracing a love ethic means that we utilize all dimensions of love—care, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect and knowledge—in our everyday lives.”

bell hooks

What Folks Say

"Courage has been an essential support system and guiding force as I practice leadership in my work and organizing. Through participation in the Courageous Leaders program I was able to tap into a rich expanse of resources which immediately started transforming the ways I was able to show up in community and at work. My more recent role as a member of the Courage team has allowed me access to a safe place and a brilliant and diverse community of experts in which I can practice and be supported in my journey towards becoming and leader and facilitator. I am deeply thankful for the mentorship and support I am able to find in the Courage team.
Director of Equity & Inclusion
"For too long I did not know what it meant to be held in a circle of care. The Courage retreat was the first time I allowed myself to express some of the grief I privately carry in a public space. The healing that experience provided me continues to unfold and ripple out through all areas of my life, but most notably in my ability to carry my responsibilities in change work. I no longer feel immediately overwhelmed by the suffering I see in the world, and the urge to turn away from pain is lessened. Instead my desire to turn toward has deepened as has my ability to embark on and sustain long-term change work. In short I feel much less fragile because I feel less alone. As a result I am more able to show up and engage.
Health Equity Researcher
"Courage of Care has been a grounding part of my life as I seek to further interweave contemplative practice and social engagement. I am grateful for conversation partners and learning opportunities to explore how personal transformation and systemic change are bound up.
These trainings have given me new understandings of the dismantling and rebuilding to be done on all levels and how I can commit to a stance of love and liberation on a daily basis. In a world in which I can easily feel increasingly fragmented and disconnected, it has been profound to practice deepening in wholeness, integrity, and connection with this community."
Community Activist
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