We are being called to realize a more caring, just world.

We live in trying times. Yet we believe that we have the capacity to respond to the enormous social, economic and environmental challenges before us from a radical stance of love and compassion that helps us work for and on behalf of all.

Our Approach

We believe in the possibility of a more caring, just world. Courage launched in 2016 in order to provide a community and platform to help social service and caring professionals, activists, community leaders, parents and all others who care about our world deepen their profound capacity for compassion and creativity and also to learn ways of critically assessing, navigating and transforming complex systems within which they are embedded with a strong sense of purpose and agency. We see the integration of contemplative training, critical pedagogy and systems thinking as essential to our project of collective liberation.

We know that contemplative and spiritual development is central to helping us not only reconnect, but also to survive and flourish. We also feel strongly that transformative social justice requires more than just personal transformation. Our liberation is contingent upon our ability to understand structures and systems of oppression, domination, and inequity that inhibit our capacity to realize a more caring, just world. If our contemplative training is not coupled with a critical social and systemic analysis, we may not only fail to transform oppressive systems, but we may end up reproducing them.

We therefore developed a model that harnesses the tools of contemplative practice, organizing work, critical analysis and embodied wisdom. 

This model is designed to help us learn to: 

      • LOVE in sustainable and compassionate ways; 
      • SEE that which inhibit our capacity to connect in just, equitable ways; 
      • HEAL from collective forms of trauma, oppression and separation; 
      • ENVISION more caring and meaningful communities and systems; and 
      • ACT to realize a better world.


We provide workshops, retreats and online courses all who care about our world. We also provide tailored consultations, compassionate systems assessments and tailored trainings to organizations serving folks on the front line of social service and social justice work.

Learn more about our relational approach to care, love and compassion.

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Our team

Meet our team of caring and committed facilitators with years of experience in education, health care, social work, contemplative studies, community organizing and activism.

Connect with Us

Our team of facilitators is based across the country. Check out our workshop page and contact us if you are interested in hosting a workshop or training in your community.


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